Sarah's Journal
2001-09-28 15:34:07 (UTC)

So, maybe I m just crazy or..

So, maybe I'm just crazy or giddy or something, but I IM-ed
this to Nick:

Why Nick is awesome:
*His hugs
*His hair ;-)
*His sense of humor
*The way he makes me smile
*The way he looks at me even though he tries not to
*The way he holds my fingers
*The way he makes me laugh
*The way he tickles me
*The way I can trust him like no one else
*The fact that he values our friendship
*The fact that he "something"s me
*His smile
*His sexy legs
*The way he loves and respects his family
*His intelligence
*His wit and bitter sarcasm
*His taste in girls
*His lack of confidence even though he is awesome
* . . . just Nick. All of him. It's all great =)
I love you. Thank you so much for being you

Awwww, yeah, I know. I'm cheesy. I don't know what is
going on between he and I right now, but I like it. I got
a hug this morning that I could live on for the longest
time . . . not that I wouldn't like more ;-) I asked him
if he thought we could "date" and he
said "maaaaaaaaaaaaybe" in his coy little voice. I don't
know. ugh . . . well, I guess that I will always be
hopeful. The things love does. I'm going to take some
cough medicine and rest.