The Stranger
2003-02-23 06:46:45 (UTC)


Ah the art of plummering at its finest. tweedle dee and
tweedle duh decided to rip up kates flooring and take out
bad pipes and put in good ones and it worked!!! kudos to
this plumbering duo for a job well done. have a BEER guys!!
hey wait werent mario and luigi plumbers? i think they
were. wow guys its almost like being in your own video game
except you actually did work and there werent bad guys or
cool mushrooms or a princess. nevermind your video game
sucks im sorry... i went shopping with uncle harry today
to buy a toaster for gert and a few other things and we got
some funny funny looks. uncle harry being the almost old
man but not quite he is and i the waddling pregnant red
head. yes we were quite the odd couple. *buttkiss actually
sat down today* never in all the time have i known this dog
has he EVER put his ass on the floor in my presence. maybe
because the floor is cold and there is no hair there. i
dunno. if i spoke dog id probably ask him and i think id
also ask him why he has that god awful shit eatin grin on
his face all the time. regardless of his little quirks
buttkiss is a great dog. that pizza was pretty tasty. yes
graham is upstairs and very asleep i was hungry so im
downstairs and eating pizza and doing a bit of rambling. i
have a headrest!
feelin purdy good right now i was up at 10 this morning and
i stayed awake all day and then took a 45 minute nap which
was interrupted (THANK YOU MOTHER!!) by my dear and
wonderful dont forget loving mother. and all she wanted to
do was bitch about her life which is kind of depressing.
usually i can take it but tonight wasnt the night. i got
irritated and told her uncle harry needed the phone. bye
mom hope youre in a better mood tomorrow !! :) yes its
great watching graham do anything that requires
concentration or repetative movement. he does this really
cute lip biting thing and its great. VERY SEXXIE!!
yeah tell me why my mom wanted to argue with me about
whether or not darin and i were ever going to end up back
together. NOT HAPPENING MOM !!! i dont care where he lives
he could move in next door and it still wouldnt happen!!
like i said she struck a nerve this evening. wheeeee!
mattie sure does move around alot. and everyone keeps
telling me im "looking bigger" ... uh thanks for the
compliment i think. if only the damn doctor would be happy
about my size i think the world might be ok for a few
minutes but nooo yes anyway amah is still in florida and
today was her 60th birthday she still hasnt called its been
like 3 days now and she gets mad at me for forgetting to
call if i wont be home for supper. YEESH!! like she ever
makes dinner anyway CHEA RIGHT !! its cold man its cold and
i think im tired so i think im going to crwl into my little
space between graham and the wall and go to sleep. yes i
shall goodnight