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2001-09-28 14:58:22 (UTC)

Deluxe Delhi to relaxed Kathmandu

Dear reader,

we are writing to you from a new world. We have left behind
New Delhi, India and a short plane ride took us to
KAthmandu, the capital of Nepal.
But in chronological order: our last day in Delhi was
another great mix of emotions and experiences. We spent the
day mainly by walking around and looking at some of the
monuments - Delhi is not a city for doing that too long
because of the pollution and the people hassling you. On
the average you passively smoke 14 cigarettes per day
there - passively.
After our first motor-riksha experiences *tuktuk* for
Thais - 3-wheeled vespas for others, we decided to have
some tea in style at the Imperial, one of the luxury
hotels. This was really nice and we had about 6 waiters for
us at all times. Later that day we met up with Priya and
her friends and she took us to have some great indian food
and drinks at her ranch outside Delhi. Later we went for
some night-sightseeing in Delhi and 3 hours later we left
our hotel for the airport....
royal nepalian airlines is an experience for itself, still
we had a very pleasant short flight - sitting on the left
side without seeing the himalaya for clouds reason.
Kathmandu is entirely different from Delhi. A lot smaller
and really a backpackers-paradise. You have cheap hotels in
abundance and everything you might or might not need can be
bought around the streets! also, you are not constantly
being surrounded by beggars and the unesco-world-heritage
temple square is absolutely stunning.
After two days here we are planning on going trekking
tomorrow morning and not return for the next 10 days or
two of us already encountered the asian cousin of
moctezuma's revenge - definitely a part of the holiday
By the way, now we are able to tell you more about the
hindu-actor with this striking resemblance to our friend
Christoph: his name is in fact not Tuti but rather Shitty,
sorry Sheti. So he has changed names again and courtesy to
Royal Nepal Airlines we can now address him by the name of
Shetty von Bossler.
That's it for today, stay tuned for the next episode and
wish you all the best,