Broken Angel

~*~Egyptian Envy~*~
2003-02-23 05:34:56 (UTC)

New Job

I forgot to say earlyer, that I got my first real job, I'm
sooooo happy. I have to call Monday and get everything
worked out, I think I will probably work when I get out of
school witch is 3:00 but it will take me about 20 min. to
get there. So I am thinking froim 3:30 to 5 and I get paid
like 5 $ and hour, but I get a 30 day trial, becuase the
girl before me mested up and so they havr to see if I work
out. But I will last and then I might get to get raises and
stuff, I'm not sure though, but I want to be an Attorny and
I now get to work for some attorneys, and representitvs.
(did I metchin I cant spell)

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