Broken Angel

~*~Egyptian Envy~*~
2003-02-23 05:30:21 (UTC)


I just got a Nag Email that said that I have not updated in
a long time so, I thought I should. I have actually
forgotten about this diary thing. Anyway, I have been sick
for like the past two weeks, I have taken two different
types of antibyotics, (I caant spell, and anti-buy-ot-tics
ahh, anyway)and they did not kill everything, so I now I
fell worse, I have to go to the doctor, and everything
Monday, I have been to the doctor's so many times, I almost
hvae my own room, that is bad. Anyway lots of make-up work
and all to get done. Well now I fell really bad, I think I
might go nap.