the writtings on the wall
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2003-02-23 05:23:45 (UTC)

i am sorry i am so perceptive

I am sorry i am so perceptive. Everyone has a third eye.
But mine. .i got fuckin blessed with one being more
perceptive.. more visual.. i can see more about certian
people it wants me too.. why do i get looked at so werid. I
cant sit back and not tell those who i see things about
anything.. i have to tell them. i have to .. thats it!! end
of story. i dont lie.. ever..and i cant lie about that..
thats lying! Yeah. well my friend of perception.. i cant
say name.. ill call him.. LOYLA.. and if he is readin
this.. he nos who it is. Yeah.. well and i think i do
really scare him. damn. i dont mean too.. i just think he
is awesome..and i am serious. really! but i think he is
scared me maybe? i dont no.. i wanna no. i think he is too
nice to talk to me straight up. So.. he has his MYSTERY MAN
friend to tlak to me.. and he woldnt tell me anythign
really. Oh well..if people wanna think i am werid.. well
hell hold on.. nothing new! Oh well.... i thought id
share.. sorry people for being so preceptive!