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2003-02-23 05:16:58 (UTC)

Shrooms & Baby Bunnies :o)

I forgot to write to you about Ryan and I doing
shrooms for the first time a couple of weeks ago. We had
only about a half eighth each, but we were fucked up
beyond repair. They must have been super shrooms. I swear
to god, I was on a completely foreign planet. I went
insane. I was so numb and out of control that I couldn't
even hold a cigarette. I asked Garrett for one (who was
also shrooming, with Bodger), and he said he didn't think
I could hold it, and that I couldn't have it if I couldn't
hold it. So I couldn't have it. It was intensely glorious
until I really really wanted to sleep and the shrooms
wouldn't let me. I had the shakes and I kept getting
nauseous, and it seemed like it lasted forever, but it was
really only bad like that for the last hour or so. Time
was totally distorted. Every 1 minute was like 10. I
looked at the clock and saw that we had only been
shrooming for about 2 hours, and I swear to god it felt
like a day had already gone by. It was incredible. We're
going to shroom again tomorrow with Teresa and Jarob and
maybe a few other people. Yay :o)
May had babies about a week ago! 2 died, and one of
the ones that died was my favorite, but we're doing
everything we can to ensure that they're being cared for
properly. We've supplemented feedings with KMR when May
neglects some. She's a young mom, so we're helping as much
as we can. Teresa wants one, I hope Jarob lets her get
Okay, that's all, bye!