2001-09-28 13:45:09 (UTC)

The history of Research...

People suck, especially at 8:00 in the morning. I'm in the
fake class, yet again. It's a wonder I still haven't
dropped this stupid waste.
Been thinking of dropping Calc too. It's starting to
remind me of last year- second semester. Gothie's watching
me type this up- attempting to put her own additions in
here as well. (if there's random numbers/letters that's
most likely her.)3

Did i mention that i'm supposed to be looking up ...
(*turns to gothie* "what the hell are we doing?" *gothie
shrugs- continues poking eraser*)

i want my computer. cowboy bebop good ... fake class bad.
speaking of bebop- did i mention that the computers in
wally's class have a virus on 'em and ...

i have just been violated.
((don't ask))

back to wally's class. the computers in there need to be
formatted. means no more bebop on those computers. means no
cardcaptor movies on gothie's comp. also no more trigun.
*whimpers* it really sucks.
floor in a hissy-fit*

i'm better now. i wanna go home.

it's not really too surprising that i haven't dropped this
class yet- gothie finds some interesting fanfics. other
than this class the only other class of mine that she's in
is vb- but she's an aide there.

*random tangent* i made a cat5 cable yesterday. mine was
done in 20-25 min - it took the majority of the class a
good 45-hour. i found that funny. 'specially since i could
strip the outer cover in one try with the shitty 'cable
terminator' things. he used mine as an example too when it
was done.

*random tangent* oh shit, i forgot what chapter we're on in
cisco. dammit.

*random 'skew'* job-squad party tonite. fire, booze, and
job-squaders - it'll be fun. no i do not plan on getting
drunk- my brother won't let me.
let's just leave it at that.

i'm busy arguing now. bbl.