the writtings on the wall
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2003-02-23 04:38:05 (UTC)


I don’t understand how I loose the best in people so
superficially. I don’t understand how I do it. Its so queer
to me how I will have this great, great thing with
someone...and within one quick increment of time, I can
mess it up, greatly. Or, maybe I don’t mess it up
completely, maybe they help out too. Like mother, she helps
out more than I mess it up. Its like those dandelions..
When they are in their fullest weed potential they are
luscious yellow, and have great, thick stems, and produce
all the nutrients they need to make the flower grow. Sort
of like my relationships. Dreadfully enough the unfortunate
weather changes, making the once beautiful weed, turn into
this white, nasty thing, that is frail, and ready to wither
away with any slight breeze. The pieces flying all about
the grass, the stem being torn into pieces by the wicked
child that blew the puffy whiteness in the first place. I
bet the child doesn’t even know the havoc they’ve created.
I don’t even no how it happens. I feel like that wicked
child sometimes, going around and blowing out the candles
of everyone happiness. But other people do it to me.. Why
shouldn’t I? Oh well.. One day.. One day.. My dandelion
will grow...more luscious than ever imagined. And I’ll be
too far away for the usual...”wicked children” to blow

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