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2001-09-28 13:37:18 (UTC)

When The Romance Dies Out In a Relationship!

The romance and chemistry is dying out in my relationship. He works too much and I need that feeling good feeling like in the beginning.

I feel trapped in our relationship. I know that my dear late Rocky, (my soul-mate) chose him to take care of me, because I came out of very abused third marriage. Not to mention a very abused first marriage.

I need romance in my relationship. I need the chemistry, the cloud nine feeling, I am not impressed with materialism, and when a man wines
and dines me. I do appreciate it, but it is not what I am looking for.
I miss the "making love" aspect in a physical relationship with any relationship. "Raw"sex is not enough.

I am a romantic at heart. I love flowers, soft music, candlelight dinners, floral print dresses,
lace blouses, and pearls and perfume.
I love the afterglow to all of it.

I miss it so badly. My first ex stole that from me.
I do not know why he married me inthe first place.

My second ex could not give it either, nor could my late husband. I do not even know why I married the second and third times.

My heart was broken even then after what my first
ex did to me by discarding me like an old shoe.

I tried to commit suicide after marrying the second. I know he loved me but it simply was not enough. I do not know why I married my late. Accept because he boosted he would.

My heart is very broken. I will never love again and never trust again, but I will try.