2001-09-28 13:24:37 (UTC)

hehe oops

it's been a really really really long time since i last
wrote... our store moved to a new location in the mall,
and that's been keeping me busy. i've been playing piano a
lot, and that takes up a lot of time...
it's just been kinda crazy around here.
i was kinda depressed for a couple weeks after that wtc
thing happened, i didn't do any homework. i have a page
that says sept. 11th 2001 at the top, because i had started
reading my homework, but i hadn't answered any questions
yet. then mom called me and told me to turn the tv on.
i watched it until i had to go to work. i bought every
newspaper we received on wednesday, and i keep buying the
weekly magazines like people, time and maclean's. the mall
was dead for about a week. i've never seen that before.
even on a slow night, we'll still have a small crowd of
people at some point. nothing. not even on the nights
that are usually busy.
oh well.
k well i have half an hour to get some errands done before
work, so i have to go.
bye guys!
take care.
love n hugs,

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