Meshed Up
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2001-09-28 12:02:16 (UTC)


life's a bitch and then u very true...

it's amazing how songs can actually capture and describe
how life really's a's a drugs and image is just enough to get you by
in the real world...your mother loves your father cuz she's
got nowhere to go...everything you're chasing seems to
leave you empty...

i'm not exactly the religious type...i'm christian..and i
believe in God...but then, let's face it. life's just not
what it's cut out to be. no promises of Christianity or
Buddhism or whatever religion will be able to free us from
the woes of this labyrinth called life. only death can free
us..and death is one scary thing...

then you realize...what is the meaning of life? you come
into this cry, you get spanked, you take your
first step, you are exposed to the real world, you
study, .. you earn money...and then you die.
is that what life is all about? earning money? earning
money and then dying?

some say love puts meaning into your life. but does it
really...perhaps it does...but that's when you're only in
your throes of passion, when you've just entered love and
you're high and drunk. but what happens when this cycle of
love brings you down? you've been with this person for so
long're not high or drunk in love
anymore..meeting and spending time with that person is just
routine...nothing you dread, but nothing you look forward
to either. will there still be meaning in your life?

life's a path that we all have to walk whether we want to
or's a void that leaves us empty, confused and
lost. as the song goes, life's a bitch.