Cosmic Rain
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2003-02-23 01:22:18 (UTC)

Sunday Beautiful Sunday

"..You are the breeze swept across blossomed flowers anew..
you are the ocean of thought cascading down upon my crimson are the tickling tease that always does please
the soul within..."

blah blah crap crap...

What a beautiful day. Sipping peppermint tea and eating
vegemite toast, before I get ready to go out. And I'm
killing my new album to death. I haven't even made it into
a cd yet, but I've been playing the Mp3's non stop. I
should stop before I'm sick of it before I even make it.
I've finally written a new song. I had a tune, just no
lyrics. Now I have some lyrics, but I'm never happy really
with lyrics. Is like there is something always better, so I
have lots of songs with the same tune and different lyrics,
because I'm never happy with it. With this new song I can't
work out if I want it slow or fast. So I have that problem
too. Not that it really is a problem, cause why should it
be. It's just a song.

I watched Signs again last night. And I can say parts of it
freak me out. It was naturally worse the first time I saw
it. Feels like only yesterday when I was in Queensland. I
want to go back. I want to go back to lots of places. I
want to go back on holiday. Growing up it was nearly 3 a
year. Traveling here and there. *sigh*...Anyway, that sigh
looks like Sign, which is what I was orginally talking
about. It's a scary little movie. Because it's kind of
unlike most Alien movies, because it feels real. You look
at Independence Day and just feels like a multi million
dollar movie of gloss and Will Smith. Where Signs promotes
a thought of this really could happen. It makes you think.
So last night watching away and thinking. Heck, could never
board up this many big windows. And we
don't have any, the way the
world is at the moment I don't think it's the fear of
aliens invading that's the worry.

Okies, time to move my arsesical.