A Day In The Life Of Me
2001-09-28 08:58:40 (UTC)


Ever since I moved here, I've always wanted to move back
home to Saskatoon. Now I still want to move, I'm just not
sure where anymore. I have people that want me to go lots
of places. A girl wants me to move to Seattle. Another
wants me to move to Vegas. Another to Reno. Another back to

Why? I wish I could tell you. Is it because I'm unbearably
attractive? Probably not. Is it because I'm increadibly
charming? Not likely. Am I great boyfriend material? I
think I am, but nobody around here thinks so.

Maybe it's my fault, for being easily crushed, so gullible,
or just plain stupid. Or maybe it's some girls fault here
for being so damn hot to get me hooked, then tosses my
heart in the garbage like a used kleenex.

So maybe it's for the best I move. I just don't know where