hello kitty cat
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2003-02-22 23:11:37 (UTC)

stuck in my head

9. The Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports

I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish
A round and a bout..
Down the line I'm heir
To throne nowhere.

I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish
A mountain of doubt down the line I'm heir
to throne nowhere.
I'm scared.


Here's where the train ride ends.
Screaming, "is this your decision?"
We were the best of friends,
I'll go nowhere.

This isn't where,
This isn't where I found you

"Life is such a ball I run the world from city hall"
And I own you all.

In this,
In this Holiday Inn..

Welcome back race fans, it's Cavalcade sport time again.
Here at the jamboree,
Home of the hits.
How you doing Bob?
It's the last stretch
And my heart.. my heart stays in the lead
And we see first, second behind my heart is my mind
Third behind my mind is my body.
Fourth behind my body is my soul
And my heart stays in the lead.
Coming around the stretch..
That was a good one Bob.

No dutch.

"Home is where the heart it is..."
"on the bus!"