The void
2003-02-22 22:59:19 (UTC)

Never lasts long does it?

maz dumped me. not supprised really. i mean, it's not like
i'm worth anything is it? she still loves her ex. well then
why didn't she tell me at the start?
oh well.
also coz of maz (hate to say that but its true) iv'e had a
row with kt too. she basically asked me out or wanted me to
hit on her and i told maz then maz told kt i'd told her!
and kt went mad! ohhh for fucks sake.
daves online now. i was actually looking forward to having
a moan to him. but all he wants to talk about is his new gf
when i've just split with mine!
i have no money and i'm meant to be going bowling tomorrow.
looks like i can't go.
i'm so fucking drunk. but i am able to focus on tiedous
tasks like typing still.
my mum n dad r mad at me now. coz i didn't look up the
things they asked me to look up on the internet. gonna go
and cry some more. bye.