A Day In The Life Of Me
2001-09-28 08:48:18 (UTC)

What if?

What if my self-esteem and charisma had been a little
higher going into high school?
Would I have had the balls to ask everyone out that I had
ever wanted to? Would I still be single? Would I be more

What if I had not developed an incurable addiction to Ice-
Cream sandwiches during my childhood?
Would I be thinner? More attractive? More athletic? Would I
be able to be a cross-country runner? Or a pro quarterback?

What if I had moved to the USA after my 8th grade year, and
had not waited until after my 10th grade year?
Would I be a little more well known around here? Would I
still be the same as I am today?

What if you were here with me? Would we be walking through
the park unter the twilight skies? Would we be in the back
row of the movie theater casually missing parts of the
feature film? Would we be sitting in a corner booth at the
back of a restautant discussing our future?

What if I went away to college? Would you come with me?
WOuld you stay where you were? Would things work out?

What if I was gone? Would anyone remember me? Would anyone
even care? Would anyone come to my funeral or visit my

What if...