Montana bound
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2003-02-22 22:51:51 (UTC)

My butt is beginning to calous over

Wow, I didn't think it was possible for a person to be
this bored. And for two consecutive days, even. Kara's in
St. George, Skeeter had to make a run today, Ty's
recovering from his party last night(I'll never understand
what drives people to alcohol, even social drinking. I
don't give a damn how funny everything is, it's not worth
it to pay homage to the porcelain God the next morning),
and Blake is who knows where, probably with Brycee. Now, I
may not be the most active guy to begin with, but I think
the past couple days is setting a record for me. I swear I
can feel my ass cheeks growing callouses.
Maybe I'll go read for a little while. As I recall,
Mme. de Saint-Meran just passed away, and M. Nortier just
gave his promise to Maximillian that Franz d'Epinay and
Valentine de Villefort would not be wed. Yeah, reading
seemes like a good idea. Maybe the Count can give me the
entertainment I'm lacking.