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2003-02-22 22:49:08 (UTC)

teenage riot....The*Ataris show Part 1

[music - the ataris - mood - gooooooood]

i just got back from seeing the ataris for the first time
in... years i guess! summer 2001 was the last time i saw
them play. and this was just as good. kris and mike looked
really different, it was weird at first seeing them. but
thats beside the point! they played SO well, the set was
only 45 minutes but they packed so many great songs into
that time - in this diary, teenage riot, song 13, SDHSFR,
I.O.U. one galaxy - anyway if youre a fan you'll know all
their best songs and if youre not this won't mean much to
you (but download some NOW!!) so i'll stop listing, but WOW
it was just so great. we were in the queue with edd, liz,
toby and some of their friends of which the guys were all
nice but this girl was a real bitch. she soured the evening
a little, i dont understand why people find it necessary to
make derogatory comments about other people right in front
of them, but as soon as we got inside they all headed for
the front row but punkanna and i decided to watch from the
balcony cause we'd done the front row bit before, plus when
anna was seeing NUFAN in the front row her tooth got
we got great seats although a crazy lecherous guy kept
trying to feel up anna. nasty. and to make matters worse he
was with his girlfriend! at the end of the night he had his
head in his girlfriend's lap and his hand on anna's thigh!!
("why do you always get crazy guys coming onto you??!")

anyway, we had a perfect view. audio karate and antifreeze
were up first then the ataris. came on to the sound clip
from a bronx tale and broke right into your boyfriend
sucks. everyone was singing along and going crazy. it was
awesome watching from the balcony but i'm going to try to
go back tomorrow night and be in the crowd. *there's
nothing like playing a basement show on a saturday night in
london, england* :)

it was also great being me and punkanna; it sucked that edd
couldnt get a ticket, it is so weird to think that this is
where it all began with those 2! and i was worried that i
would be kind of sad because of all the memories from that
summer and things didn't quite work out the way i'd hoped
but i wasn't at all. totally overjoyed in fact. the music
was great, my friends are great, it was all very very close
to perfect.

so what else happened today? not a whole lot! it has been a
great week off school. i'm sort of dreading monday but well
i wouldnt have enjoyed this week so much if i didnt have to
go to school most days right? :)

*if only i had one wish, i'd want a million trillion
lifetimes that i could spend with you
fall in love with you again and again...*