2001-09-28 08:16:38 (UTC)

worthless day

So yeah, I was all stoked about this 4 day weekend stuff,
but now I think my time would have been more well spent at
school. So I'm at Alex's house, and we're talking to Erin,
and dying hair and whatnot. We decide to do it or
whatever, and we need to go to longs to get the stuff.
Aaron wants to come along. Fine. First, he wants to get
Togo's. Then pick up Erin. Then go back to Long's.
Then meet back at Alex's. Seeing as Erin's house is ON THE
WAY to Longs, we offered to pick her up and save Aaron this
long trek back and forth. No dice. Sorry, we wanna waste
time. And that's ok, because I waste my time anyways, so I
might as well let someone else waste it, huh? Of course
not. That's frickin' ridiculous. Then we are waiting for
Aaron to get his "grub." We play a complete game of ping
pong, argue with Erin about this whole dumb thing, and then
ask if we can come over to her house just to sit and wait
for Aaron to get back from Togo's, so we can leave together.
And arrive together. No, thats not good either. You just
wait at Long's. So we leave, and get there at 3. Sit in
the car, wait for a while, go into Longs, locate the hair
dye section, locate the highlight stuff, and wait. Go back
to the car. Come back at 347. They're there, inside the
store. Cool beans, wasted 50 minutes. Get the hair dye,
go back to Alex's. Get out of car. Go back in car. Go to
mall. Meet at Old Navy. No, send Aaron to fetch the two
boys. Go into stores I don't really like. Sit outside of
stores I really dislike. People decide to leave.
Whatever. Going to spend time actually doing something.
Drive back. Back at Alex's house. Same hair color.
Cool huh? Right, end of journal.