REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-02-22 22:17:05 (UTC)

i am the shit

Superwoman309: reeda your the shit
Theonewngdangel: Reeda, YOU THE SHIZ!
BMXmasta56: haha your all the shit! lol
HuMaN33iNsAnItY: yes yes!i have to admitt, you are quite
the shit
Soni163: OMG I LOVE YOU!
Soni163: hehe your the shiznit!
SwEeTy513: lololololol your soo funny! like V-mac always
says to you! YOUR THE S%^&!
SwEeTy513: just dont tell him i said that:) lo0lz
StartIng2wonDer: no im the shit
LGMets4E531: dont lie
StartIng2wonDer: yaya you win...again
StartIng2wonDer: your the shit
LGMets4E531: whos the shit? i did it lol
MeoNdAlOoSe:...shutup...no you didnt
LGMets4E531: no need for thnx! thats what friends are for
MeoNdAlOoSe: OMG I LOVE YOU! your the shit! how did you do it! holy
crap you have to tell me everything! call me!!!!
Does this prove something?!! oh yes it does! it is declared! I AM
THE SHIT!!... there were a couple more convos but i lost them...
sorry! but anyway this is the truth:
The shit = Reeda
Reeda = THE SHIT

its all nasty and rainy today!...my whole friggen driveway is liek
flooded! and all the snow is goin away! thats gay! my little
snowboarding hill is like up to my knees now!:'( i was suppossed to
get my new DC's today but you know my parents are all ways gonna
have an excuse...this time the excuse was that it was all rainy and
THEY DIDNT FEEL LIKE GOIN OUT...RAR! lol...this suxss... Well this
day is gonna be a bomber cause theres nothing to do and no one to
hang out with. I have nothing to talk about, and my head hurts.
Theres nothing good comming on t.v and i dont feel like jumping
around playing DDR. I want someone to come over but everyone has gay
plans already, or they cant go.
im out cause i have nuttin to talk about...