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2001-09-28 08:10:06 (UTC)

My Poor Baby

My baby is at home in pain, and I feel so bad for him. We
got into a bit of an arguement tonight, but then everything
started going alright. All of a sudden, he goes to stretch
over the back of the bench on my porch, and then he just
started hurting. His whole face turned red, and he had
veins popping out, the whole thing. I walked him home, and
he let me feel his back, and his muscle is enflamed. I was
just feeling it, and I found a spot that didn't feel right,
and then all of a sudden he jumped cause I pushed too hard
on that spot on his back. I could feel it really good. I
feel so back for my baby. I don't like him being in pain. I
actually started to cry. I guess that just means I love him
Well, I'm gonna get some sleep, cause I've got to get up
early in the morning to go take care of my honey. I'll
update another time.

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