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2003-02-22 22:02:23 (UTC)

Having it Out

I got in a fight with my boss today. There really wasn't a
resolution, but I told her I didn't need her looking over
my shoulder every 5 minutes. She treats me like I'm six
years old. It really pisses me off. If she doesn't think I
can do this job, take it away. At this point I'd be happy
for that. Give it to someone else. I don't care who. Be my
guest. She told me that I had been "snippy" all week, and
needed to chill out. I don't think I've been snippy.
Snippy is a terrible word anyway. It's stupid. I am just
tired of being treated like I don't know what I'm doing. I
hate it so much. I'm not an idiot. It really makes me mad.

I'm tired. I still haven't really recovered from Thursday
night. It was so fun though. I had such a good time.

Nicole is going to Morocco tomorrow. I am not sure this is
a good idea. Morocco is a Muslim country. It's just that
I'm worried about her safety. But then, I'd stick out much
more than she will. And she'll have a great time, of this
I am sure. I just don't want anything to happen.

It looks like rain. It's been threatening to all day. It's
one of those days where I have tons of stuff to do, but no
energy to actually accomplish it. Updating today is a huge
deal, I don't have the energy to do that either, but I
know at least one person is curious as to what is going

Maybe a nap for me?


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