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2003-02-22 21:31:51 (UTC)

best friends means you get what you deserve

just got back from gainesville! last night (friday) i went
to see less than jake in gainesville (i was born there and
lived there until i was 7, so it's "birthtown" childhood
memories occured there). i went with shannon and jerilyn..
it was fun. at the show we met up with arturo, brandon,
brian and peter. so for the majority of the show i hung
out with them. mainly with peter while the others went and
kicked some ass. like i said it was fun.

nothing planned for the rest of the weekend. but all today
i've been doing nothing.. extrememly boring. supposed to
hang out with melissa... well we decided that a little
over an hour ago and here i am still waiting, shoes on and
everything. pathetic me.

a lot of times i wish some people i knew would read this,
but then when i think of who i cant think of anyone cus i
usually only want them to read one thing, not it all cus
there could be some not so nice things said about people.
oh well, it'll continue being a personal thing.

still no "juicy" stuff. i mean if anything, everything's
getting better little by little. so it's good for me, but
not so good for you diary/journal readers out there that
want to hear the "good" shit. sorry boys and girls.. but
do not fret, sooner or later i'll get myself into some
situation of some sort. for now i'll mend to old wounds.

have a good saturday and rest of your weekend... i hope i

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