My world.. take a peek
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2003-02-22 21:16:31 (UTC)


Man, I am soo damn lazy.. I havent written in this diary in
a couple days, but the great thing that will come from this
is that I will have more news to tell. Ok well, Since
nothing excited happened from the previous days I will
start from last night. Ok so Lynette and I planend on Going
to Jillians last night and meeting up with Bryan, she tried
to convince me to bring a guy.. but seeing that this was
more of a datelike atmosphere.. I didnt feel comfortable
with any guy but Greg going with me(I mean who wants their
boyfriend/girlfriend going out and having dinner and seeing
a movie with another person). Since most of my guy friends
consist of my ex boyfriends, or guys who are my friend's
Boyfriends, and the ones who have jobs.. it wouldnt work,
and so I invited Heather and Jeff.. hey atleast I wouldnt
be the 3rd wheel.. I'd be the fifth! :) Lenny picked me
up and we sped our way into Norfolk listening to thug
music :) She picked the most expensive parking Garage! the
damn thing costs $5.. I tried to tell her that the one
across from Jillians cost 2.. but NOOO! And the parking
garage men made us pay that much, then told us where to
park! ASSHOLES! We walked like three blocks.. but we
finally made it to Jillians.The atmosphere made me miss
the parties I used to go to.. we walked around waiting for
heff an jeff- they got there.. I made the comment that I
thought it would be fun to work at Hooters, Lenny wanted me
to get an application.. but I have to be 18. we were
waiting for Bryan to get there to eat.. he ended up being
an hour late.. only giving us 45 minutes to make it back to
Harborview. Lenny started getting in a bitchy mood.. I mean
I can understand.. but I think she took it too far. So she
ended up making me make decisions about what to do. I was
pissed off b/c once again I had to save everything and
worry if what im planning will make everyone happy. I
suggested we all go to MAcMAll( thats where Heff an Jeff
were seeing their movie.. I figured it would suck if they
came all the way to Jillians and wouldnt even be able to
eat with us) grab fast food, and haul ass to HV. So that's
what we did.. Lynette agreed but was still moody so Bryan
and I joked around and were getting her to laugh. Thank God
she got out of it.. I was not looking forward to having her
all bitchy the rest of the night,afterall I had to stay the
night with her. After wanting to kill all people who work
at the MacMall BurgerKing.. I grabbed my food (and a
crown ) and Lynn , Bryan, I briefly sat with Heff and
Jeff..said bye- then sped off to HV.Got at the window to
get Tickets for Final Destination 2, and they card me. Im
friggin 17 dammit! but I didnt have anything but a school
ID so they wouldnt let me get a ticket. Lynn and Bryan had
theirs.. So i got one to biker boyz in hopes of pulling a
theatre con.
get to to the theatre.. sat next to this guy I didnt know
not expecting to stay but10 min. Got up to leave and my
luck a cop is standing at the doors.. he walks in front of
me so I grab some money to make it look like Im gonna buy
popcorn or drinks.. and DAmned if he didnt go to the
complete opposite side of the theatre where they were
checking tickets for Final Destination 2. SO I said fuck
it. 1- Lynn and Bryan prolly needed to be alone.. and 2- I
love streetbikes. So I went back to the theatre took my own
row and proceeded to watch an awesome movie!. we left HV
around 11:45 and went back to lynn's house and we crashed.
OK the moral of this story is... absolutely nothing! But my
emotions were very mixed all night. Its really strange how
I have such different friends. one group keeps me level
headed, and we are good girls. And when I want to be bad
and crazy.. I call up some other friends. Lynn and I are
definately like sisters in everything we do, but sometimes
she is too moody - its a good thing I can deal with that.
On the way to my house this morning I went to Wal-Mart to buy the
T.A.T.U cd since it was only 8.88. Yeah- I know they are
lesbians.. but their song is great! and surprisingly Im not
phased or offended that they are. I had this discussion
with a few friends about why they say they wont buy
anything that supports gays. Ok first of all.. I have been
taught since I was little Homosexuality is wrong, some
people told me to hate them.. the other said to love them
as a Christian but not to support or hang out with them.Ok
I am not listening to ANYONE! first of all.. I wouldnt be
gay, I dont support it and say its great, but I dont look
down on it.. I mean whatver they wanna do go for it. I know
two gay people and I treat them like anyone else. I
wouldnt do that myself.. but I mean I dunno.. Im just not
bothered by it as long as they dont mess with me that way. Its stupid
for someone to say they wont buy
a Cd because it will help support gays.. No one even knows
the half of it- there are gays everywhere and supporting
everything.. so deal with it! I mean Queen had great music,
Elton John is a fag but I love his music. Hey,the guy who
works at GAP IN CS IS GAY.. what are you not gonna buy
clothes from the store? gimme a break.It just goes to show
people are narrow minded, or scared to perhaps use their
own judgement.. too many people rely on everyone else's
beliefs.Dont get me wrong, I do believe in tradition. I mean its all
just as stupid as my Grandma looking down on Catholics.. when she was
once one! being Catholic
doesnt make up who you are as a person! Secretly I could become a
Catholic based on their views, I do not think they differ
all that much from what i believe- I dont have a problem at
all.. why make a big deal? I go to A baptist church but DO
NOT claim to be a Die-hard Baptist with only Baptist views- meaningI
dont see it any other way, a Christian is a Christian.If I were to
tell some people in my family this they would condemn me. I know what
Im saying, and what i mean.. I just hope others can too.It is a
constant battle going on in my head of what is right and wrong, its
like I feel guilty for everything I do, then turn around and get
angry because I shouldnt be feeling guilty. I get confused on
who and what I should believe-and I need to filter out the
truth. But until then I WILL go to MAss if I like, I WILL
buy a Cd that has lesbians on it, and I WILL NOT be a bad
person because of it. That is that.
I have alot of homework this weekend but i am not going to lift a
finger! WOO! Rhonda is supposed to stay with me from tomorrow til
Tuesday- Im excited because she is another great friend! Im really
happy that I get out everday next week a half day but Im
gonna miss all my friends next week! they went on a senior
trip that Im not going on- good thing is Lynn and Tiff are
staying! WOO.. Another good thing is Rebecca is going
away.. this will help Tiff and Lynn recover.LOL Poor Erica
will wanna kill her by the end of the week. OK well, Until the next
time I write- Ya shola S uma Nas Ne Dagoniat!

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