someone you cannot know

look a ghost
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2001-09-28 07:08:59 (UTC)

without using my name

i pretend you want me 'til you put yr shoes back on
and i pretend you love me 'til i ride the bus alone
i pretend you need me 'til i haven't heard from you
i pretend that i pretend that all of this is true

i can feign indifference if that will keep me sane
and i can tell you what i feel without using my name
but i can't keep pretending that i will not play this game
yet i pretend that i pretend that much of this is you

i believe that all is well, although i don't know how
and i believe that i can have whatever i need now
but i have trouble facing truths
and there is nothing i can do but pretend i'm not wrong