Koo' Mic

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2001-09-28 06:59:01 (UTC)

Another goven Friday...

I thought last Friday's tribute to the U.S.ofA. was
beautiful. I enjoyed seeing football captains running fast
and leading the pack, carrying the USA flag.
I was glad to see football and people talk football once
Speaking of captains, I was thinking of Mean 'gene King 20
that night and wondered how NW did against QO. It seems
that the talk about King has slim down a bit with the itty
bitty hype he got. It's not a Chris Kelley type off hype,
but an excitement sure enough to put NW football on the
map. I still didnt like the fact that the sliver and black
had trouble in Big D(@[email protected]$CU$). There's this 'special
writer' for the Washington Post..it seemed obvious he was
from the Big D area cuz he hyped up a lot on the
hornets...how King and Ropko used to be teammates with blah
blah and so on and so on.. i thought that was some good
pride, but if this guy was gonna be a writer for one of the
best papers in the nation, why did he have to be one-sided?
(kinda like a politician) but it was Damascus this Damascus
that..and the quote came from who? Damascus Coach Moo.
Well, now that I think I've gotten that outta my chest...Im
gonna continue to enjoy my friday nights...DOGG