Life as I know it.
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2001-09-28 06:50:48 (UTC)

cheer up emo boy

Hey diary readers sup yo?

WEll the date dum dum dum....it went okay actually, not
really a date, just a getting to know you over coffee
thing. We had a lot of the same views and got hyped up on
caffeine. Then we went to the great CVS where we bought
junkfood and the such. He walked me home, a simple hug is
what I got, which kicks ass cause hey i like hugs...dont we
all. But oh the drama, well, while we were walking to get
the bus to go the southside, I think we passed by my ex who
was walking down the street...dum dum dum. I think so, I
do not really know...I just have that vibe. But who
knows? And Frat Boy called while i was out and i think my
roommate told him i was on a date...which ugh i kinda want
to start dating someone so thats not cool cause frat boy
and I are supposed to do something this weekend. And dude
i gave my number to last night called me fucking four times
today....god god god i have no men, then i have three and
thats not counting my ex who you know, i fuck. Yeah, good
life? I dont nkow I was all excited about my fortune i got
tonight when i went out to dinner with my friend Jen...it
said " A thrilling time is in your immediate future"
hahahahahah oh god is thrilling good or is it bad? I do
not know. BUt tomorrow night im going to Ryans house party
and uhhhhh the punk indie and emo boys are gonna be
there.....im in trouble.