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2003-02-22 18:06:02 (UTC)

A whole week with nothing to write about...

Isn't that sad? Nothing in my life has happened that is
interesting enough for public eyes. *sigh* Oh well, I
guess that's just life. Boring as usual. Do I have
anything better to do other than ride? No. No I don't.

And I'm still bitter about last night (none of which was
Her fault but she's an easy target) so grrrrr. I need to
vent and I don't know why. Like she was all cute looking
and whatever and I had to go and sit and pout cuz I was
SKREWED!!! Ripped off. And most that read this will have
no idea what's going on so I don't even know why I'm
bothering...I guess it's cuz Anna's been good enough to
upkeep her blog so I'm inspired...and I really am trying
to work on her next lesbian's coming, it's
coming...just have to get through the dialouge shit
first! :)

I don't know what I'm going to do though...I had such a
nice tete et tete about lessons and her coaching style and
all this shit and now that's ruined. And I really don't
wanna ride Creme cuz I have a feeling that would be
wasting my I wanted to figure out Splash
before I go to another horse...especially one that's had
like under 20 rides on her-she's super quiet and good but
still...I really don't know. Maybe I'll just pout on
Fridays. I'm not going to bring it up and I'll just
finish with Rori and then leave and She will probably be
like "ooohhhhhhh (in that blonde ohhh way) I guess she
doesn't have a horse..." Duh.

No. I give her more credit than that. She'll probably
remember that I don't have a horse...but right now I
almost want her to forget so I can be mad at I dunno....I'm going to shut up cuz my mental
state is not so hot...obviously!

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