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2001-09-28 05:25:53 (UTC)

i have boring friends....

our sxool held a dance today and me, ash, kasia and adrian
all decided to go. i didnt really wanna go cus i know ash
and them arent gonna dance that much so i had a feeling i
wouldnt have that much fun. but i went anyways. so we got
there and i was already in a dancing mood, but they werent.
we were just standing there talkin. BORING! thank god shiv
(my other friend) came along and told me that these other
girls that told me and shiv to come were on the other side,
so we went there. as soon as we saw the other girls, i just
started dancing. i didnt even care about ash and them. and
i had fun dancing. the music was crap though, but still i
had fun.

we only stayed for an hour though cus we decided we'd go
out with nick. so yeah we cruised around. i kinda fell
asleep though. its ash and adrian. for some reason they
take out the fun for me. cus when im with just kasia and
nick, im ok. i dont have a problem with it. but when im
along with ash and adrian, its like blah. i dunno. i just
dont like being around them two when theyre together...