daydream disbeliever

Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2001-09-28 05:14:18 (UTC)

I Hereby Dub Thee...

I am, folks, no longer known as just plain Kerry. I
have been chosen to have superior nomenclature. My glam
rock superstar name is Rebel Toy, and my battle metal gear
code name is Despicable Bluebird. Yee-hah.

But, seriously, folks... Nikki is coming to soft
lines and Susan will stay in soft lines indefinitely! I
know S hates this but I am secretly pleased. I don't like
her being angry and unsatisfied with her unfair current
position, but I do enjoy her company. But when N comes,
things will be sooo groovy. Prince Doofus found out that
we were cousins today and I further wowed him with my
vocabulary with the use of the word kleptomaniacal. Say
that three times fast. I can. I still don't believe he
has a thing for me, though. S can say all she wants, but I
won't believe it until he tells me himself.

I had an odd desire to just beat the living crap out
of the MM today. Funny, I've NEVER felt that way about him
before. However, once that passed, I wanted to kiss him.
There's a new guy that looks somewhat like a hybrid of the
SN and the MM in hard lines. I don't know which department
he's in or his name, but I should find out soon enough.
He's okay, but not as good looking as the other two. I
don't date coworkers, though. It's unethical and what
would he see in me, anyway?

I was told at work Wednesday night on different
occasions that I was "bitter" and that I "need a man" by AP
and JD, respectively. Damn, am I that pathetic? I know I
am very bitter, and I don't mind being told that *so* much,
but to be told--twice, mind you--that I needed a man is
getting to be too much. JD is, by the way, somewhat of a
chauvenist that has to be the center of attention. I
either think he's ok or I can't stand him. There is no
grey area. I was in a particularly bad mood last night,
though, because I was stuck in Ladieswear by myself because
my help until 8 o'clock had to do CBL's and the regularly
scheduled girl came in two hours late and left after
working for barely two hours. Damn druggie lazy ass. How
she passed her urine test is beyond me. I wish management
would hurry up and send N over here. She's a great zoner
and just what soft lines needs.

I'll leave it at that. Until next time I remain the
chocolate-stuffed thunderthigh queen