Restless Comet Diary
2003-02-22 14:24:35 (UTC) wasn't so hard after all

Hey hey!I just got here.The contest wasn't so hard after
all but they had some kind of problems so the contest
started later than they said they will.I was there at 8.10
because they said it's gonna start at 9.The cuckoo thing
it's it started at 10.30 so we got really bored and
everybody thought it's not gonna start anymore.It did
anyway and they gave us the paper with the statements.It
was abit difficult till I got the idea hehe.The first
subject sounded like "take an example and explain on it the
role that the society and culture play in the development
and control of feelings" I had to explain what the feelings
are and what kind of feelings we can have.The I took an
example(a boy born in a muslim family in my case)and and
write down what the culture means for the boy's feelings ad
how it helps him to grow up and be educated.
Number 2 was about thinking and language and in my
opinion that was the most difficult one.I didn't remember
the definition of the thinking(the correct one)so I had to
make one up.When I got back home I looked in the book and
then I realised it wasn't so correct hehe.
Number three was a text about some guy
called "N.Steinhardt" and we had to use the information we
had in the text and make the guy's psychological
profile.This wasn't so difficult either.
In those two hours we were waiting we laughed a
lot,because of Dan.He came at me like "Ruxy will you marry
me" and I said "No"...then louder "Ruxy ,in front of this
noble people WILL YOU MARRY ME??"hahahaha I was under the
desk of laughing because he made such funny faces.Then he
started yawning and laughing too.We finished the contest at
1.30pm and I went back home to eat.
Oh yesterday it was really fun.I went to my religion
class even if I was 5 minutes late.Then my teacher asked me
if I wanna go see the movie at the movie theatre.Hehe!That
was cool because I wanted so much to see that movie.It's
called "Asoka" and it's about some indian prince who had a
lover called "princess Kaurawaki".It's an indian movie but
it was so nice...It lasted for 2 hours and half.It was some
point there though where it was really moving...When the
young prince Arya who was only 7 years old died.They
shouldn't kill him.....
Then I walked home and I talked abit to my teacher and
when I got hom I took a bath.Hehe I love taking showers or
baths and I usually spend about 1 hour in the bathroom.I
like smelling nice when I got to sleep coz I can sleep
better like that.I thought a lot before I went to sleep.My
mom even called at 11pm and ......she called to tell me she
might not call so soon anymore.She didn't sound so happy
anymore.I'm wondering what's happening and they don't want
to tell me.I'm dieing of curiosity but maybe it's not my
business and I'll find out at the right moment.It scares me
though because even if my mom doesn't know me I know her
verry well.I know that when she doesn't wanna tell
something serious is happening..and then *bang* the boo is
done and she made a mistake and nothing can't be done
I hope I'm wrong at least this time and she is ok.I think
I'm gonna write an e-mail to my aunt maybe she knows
anything or just find out how's doris and how's everybody
around there.
See ya.....