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2001-09-28 01:27:42 (UTC)

The good things is what I'll remember - false friends bye

Today the only thing I want to remember is the good friends.
Carol gave me some gums she won at school. I made homework
to her best friends Mel. I see tough things but I won't
remember it when I miss this day.
Tough people are most but friends are good. Words don't mean
anything. So I will ask next time for memories. It will
apart definitely the toughs from friends. Toughs don't
want anything with me but to hurt my friends. I am some
edge from them.
Early morning I will go to a school to serve my books.
Afternoon back to another school. Evening to other one
next my home town. Today none of those was made because
I was helping my friends.
Other friend Moon from internet showed me that there is
good people that take a petcat in last eden and care of
it. This bright my heart may even a almost lost pet could
be helped anywhere in world.
If my friends won't go to friday night party I have a talk
with them.
Words mean nothing but some feelings from memories.
In a war only hugs and kisses mean something.
Most people are not our friends and they hates ours because
they have our care.