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2001-09-28 04:12:32 (UTC)

You know...can't we all just cooperate here?

First time I go to the DMV I get psycho examiner from hell
who talks the whole time andgets all upset at you. She also
marks off for stuff that's not even in the rules. I find
out after the fact that she has quite a reputation in this

Second time we have a terroirst attack so they close the

Third time my mom can't make it out here after all.

Fourth time we spend quite a while in the car I only missed
3 points. I still had 12 to go. Doing great even though I
haven't been in my car in about a month. Then we go to back
straight along a curb. I rubbed the curb and I was failed
becuase it is considered striking the curb which is a
critical error. The dumb thing is they don't care whether
you rub the curb,slam into the curb or drive up onto the
sidewalk. It's all the same. Failed on a technicality.
Yeah! Even worse I told the person who took me I needed to
adjust out my mirror for a short curb and needed to
practice it again becase it's hard for me and it's been a
long time. Argh.

Is it asking too much to cooperate? I mean biking an hour
each way every day is getting eally old. Having a schedule
that is unbearble only becuase it takes so damn long to get
anywhere. Not being able to go out or even have a life.
Work with me here.