would the world stop spinning
2003-02-22 08:12:26 (UTC)

sleater-kinney again

so back in oct i went to chicago and saw sleater-kinney,
they were AMAZING!
i saw then again tonight and, well.. i was disapointed to
say the least. maybe it was just that i was sick,or
disgrunted for not wanted to be out,sick,in this whether,
in that crowd but i thought the show sucked. i was pissed
off,and sick.. and wanted to do nothing but leave and cry
the whole time i was there.
i'm not sure what i'm doing.....jesus
oh.. i went and saw mindless self indulgance last night
then i went to a club.. i think i had more fun last
night,but i felt better physically that i did tonight.
i think up untill this point i did a pretty good job
of hidding how bad i've been feeling.
anyway i'm going.. i have more to say,nothing that i wanna
post here right now tho.