The Hit That Got You High
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2003-02-22 08:09:39 (UTC)

Its everything

It's like you are filled with this immense feeling of emptiness.
Like everything you do is useless and its not going to matter. And
every day when you wake up you find this silly excuse to get out of
bed and endure the day's routine. So what happens that day
when you wake up and you can't think of a silly excuse? When
you need to face reality and realize that maybe you don't need to
sacrifice what you know is true to work the daily grind.
Our friends are what lead us, what drive us, what inspire us, what
comforts us, our friends are our most intimate "silly" excuses.
Trudge through all of life, but sprint through those times when you
are truly living with those you care about. That time you spend is
immensly rich, and every experience that is new to you is new to
them because they are feeling it with you. Make friends don't take
them and no matter what the situation is when you are with them,
enjoy it because it may be the last time you ever see them again.

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