the writtings on the wall
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2003-02-22 06:06:48 (UTC)

That One Thing

I don’t think you could get any sweeter. Presumptively not.
I doubted, yes, doubted him first. I didn’t think he could
turn from the image I accumulated, to THAT. That cherub-
like smile really drove me crazy...and when I say crazy, I
mean unhinged. Happy, happily crazy, yes that was it. Each
sideways smile he let loose, came upon me like the night
over the day. It was so carefully planned out onto his
simple, sweetly simple face. Oh, and when he did that
little wink of his, oh yeah, I was infected, infected with
that perfect petty love for him, I knew would get me
through the days that were so un-canning. The way his lips
tasted on mine were as admirable as the way the dew sets on
top of the grass at that certain hour of the morning. His
face, right up next to mine, his warm cheek pressed up
against mine, like a frightened child, was magnificent. I
couldn’t have written a better scene. His hands, cold, slid
down the small of my back, onto my hips, protruding out of
my worn-in jeans. They rested there, happily, with my hand
over top of his. He takes hold of my face, the left cheek,
and turns me toward him. When he kisses me, ever so
slightly, his thumb, lies on the little spot in between my
mouth and cheek. I have always wanted a guy to do that to
me. I just adore it.
I think I just adore him. He is just right. Everything
about it him. And within all of those things, about him,
there is this one thing, I haven’t quite put my small
finger on, but it is so unique and leads me to
him.. I think I am going to let it lead me......