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2003-02-22 06:01:16 (UTC)


well.... thiz week was kinda fun I guess...on Tuesday I
went to da mall wit Jess shes cool :) ... n then Wednesday
I think I stayed home n then yesterday I hung out wit muh
olda brother.. n then today (Friday nite) I got to see
Bobby again... how bout he has a new gf startin earlier
taday? wtf is that shyt? BUT tha good newz iz...we are
talkin again and he STILL likez me! so Im happy about that
cuz atleast we talkin, u kno? well..seeing its after
midnight that makes it saturday...so yes its saturday, I
might see Bobby later depending on what I decide to do cuz
Im still debatin.....I burnt muh arm on Tuesday, DAMN
COOKIE SHEET! but yea yea lol i think Ima go eat some pizza
er sumthin.....