diary name
2001-09-28 03:27:43 (UTC)

Wednesday sept. 26

Muffin diving at 7:20 AM. Filmed Ginsu for scene of movie
after diving. Dropped finger puppet layout sheet to
printer… turtle dove festival is coming… worked. After
work met Adam and Dave at 8PM
Ate 2nd dinner. 3 of us went off to rent EVIL DEAD II.
Viewed ‘PANDA BEAR’ dave ‘the poet’
Original writing… on video. 11 PM went to wayne train
station with Dave. Camera battery dead!
Crap. Regrouped. Went back to studio for 12 volt and
inverter! By 11:30 PM we were filming dave reading poems
at the train station… images good. Concerned about the
sound level. Didn’t matter we were so dam rockin’ happy
and proud we filmed…. At home later I copied the tape on
VHS and the sound level was not great… but the images were
some of the best images I filmed. Bed about 2:20 AM.
Emails. Request for photos for a newspaper article to be
done on me. The snow ball grows.