Stream of Consciousness
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2003-02-22 05:12:00 (UTC)


it just hit me. a craving for a burrito. and im out of
OJ. there is nothing to eat in this god damn house but
moose or deer meat. and thats all fine and good if thats
your bag. but it just isnt me. i refuse to eat a moose. its
2003 damnit! im not wierd. im civilized.
i work tomorrow, or today actually. at 7. i swear to god
if it freeze rains and my mother gives me a hard time about
driving im going to flip out. i hate how scared she gets
when i dive. anywho. this one was pointless. and im
retiring the "im out" im going to replace it with somthing
more cutting edge. somthing that the kids are into these
days. shazzam