Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-09-28 03:25:22 (UTC)

Yep.. the keys are still in there.

I locked my keys in my car today. Never done that before.
Never will again.

First, this is the first time I've taken a break in like, 3
weeks. I took one today cause I wanted to A)deposit my
check and B) stop at rite aid and get a disposable camera.
So.. first I got to Rite Aid. That's when it happens. I
realized my keys were still in there the minute I shut the
door. Just a little tooooo late. So, I go in Rite Aid, use
the phone to call my dad (luckily it was his planning
period). He comes and gets me and takes me to work. He got
my car with the spare key and brought it to me after he got

Shew. What an ordeal. Oh well. At least I got my camera.

Then I get home and my mom tells me she talked to Becky
today and Beck said that my jacket was NOT anywhere in her
house. Whatever. Amy did steal it. I knew she would. I
should have known better. She, after all, did the same
thing with my CD and TRIED to do with my yearbook. I got it
back tho.

So... needless to say, me and Beck will be makin a road
trip this Saturday. And Amy WILL be payin for the gas money.
That's my favorite jacket. I was being nice by letting her
borrow.. then she takes advantage of me and just takes it.
Some best friend huh? Yeah.. I don't think so either. So,
maybe since she doesn't act like one.. she shouldn't be
one. Hmm.. now there's a thought.

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