"Day-z H"
2003-02-22 04:55:38 (UTC)

"Feel Free" February 21st, 2003

What's been going on in my life that is new and worth
talking about.....let me think.....Freedom :)! Finally off
the single market....long before I was planning on being. I
was set on staying single for atleast a year. I was sick of
relationships...guys...the whole love thing...or that's
what I told myself....then came Freedom. I don't fall
easy...so what's happening to me. He's great...it's
great..it's amazing...he's amazing. Still I am
grounded...so I haven't got to see him in person for a
while now...but I still talk to him online whenever I can.
He's my main news... :)!
In other news...Tracie had her baby a while back. She is
the cutest little thing. Her name is Jazmyn Skye
Howard. :)! She looks more like her mommy...Thank God!! :D!
Prom is coming up before to long...which is the one thing I
get to go to before May 7th as of now. It's April 12th, and
I already have my dress, shoes, and my hair appointment. I
am gonna feel so weird in a dress, even more so around
everyone(sorry just not the dress type). Guess that is
about all my that has been a big deal lately. :)...so I
guess things are going well...well other then the
groundation matter...but I can live with it...(hell at
least I got to spend more time with Freedom that
night...which is better to me then getting punished for
something I didn't enjoy doing).