my diary that i write in when im bored,
2003-02-22 03:58:22 (UTC)

yummy and yay

well im at my mommas house now. strange. im almost 17 and i
still call my parents momma and daddy. lol. its more
comfortable i guess. i dont know why. im probably one of the
last people you'd expect to call my parents that... i mean
here i am, little miss(NOT litte) rude... calling my parents
daddy and moma lol. yup. i am listening to little clips of
songs i like... invert by blindside(old stuff from them)...
Do You Call My Name by ra... lol yea im just going on here.
im hyper. i was litening to my music, what do you expect?
yes welli dont know what to talk about! im about to eat
chewy sweetarts. theyre yummy chewy. ok. i think i'll eat
them. nothign special has happened. oh. i dyed my hair. dark
red. i dont have any pictures to post anywhere yet, but ill
put one on my tiny webpage, which is um....
yea so when i can, ill post some pics up there ok. maybe
wednesday morning or something. okie dokie. i took lots of
pics, or rather, my MOM did, while i was dying it lol. but
it was fun... its real dark. im not too used to it yet. but
i think im gonna go ok talk to you (who are you? no one. too
bad. youd know a lot if u were someone.) later... bye

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