Life, one day at a time
2001-09-28 03:14:46 (UTC)

Day 2

Ah welcome to today. I came to the conclusion that no one
should be able to drive but me. After following so many
morons on the road, I do believe it should be legal for me
to kill those who are what I have deemed "asshole drivers".
The people who don't use their turn signal, drive slowly in
the fast lane, cut me off, and those damn ghetto people who
stop in the middle of the fucking street to talk to someone
they know.
Anyway.....life has been pretty good to me lately, although
my grades are once again slipping. I have a feeling some
either really good or really bad is going to happen.
Hopefully the former and probably the latter. Well, I don't
have much else to say today, so I'll leave you with this
quote. "Live and don't learn, that's us."-Calvin and Hobbes