diary name
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2001-09-28 02:58:57 (UTC)

Saturday sept 15:

Met robert ely for breakfast… but I didn’t know he
cancelled at last minute. So I had to refigure out the
day… I was going to film him. This was the first official
day of filming… went home and ate breakfast.
Shit happends… oh well. Just this. Called adam met him at
gryphon café and shot a crappy scene of me on the phone…
can’t use. Oh well went to his house and waited for brain…
watched a movie. Went to west chester to hear a band with
dave carlton. Left about 10pm and went to see another
movie. ‘evil dead’
Ahhh… we could do a film now! The whole time we said it
was like msystrey science theather 3000…
We even picked out names… I was the blender dude. Home at

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