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2001-09-28 02:52:16 (UTC)

Saturday September 8:

Met with Adam at 3 PM (I was late). We had a cold drink at
the Gryphon café and talked more about the film. From
there we went to the Shaggy Dog Record store. Toured the
records and asked the owner if we could film in the
store. He said, yes just call in advance. From there we
walked over to Minella’s diner and asked to speak to the
owner. We were told to come back at 10 PM when the owner
was there.
We agreed to meet back there at 10 PM.

This gave me enough time to go home and eat dinner relay
the ‘updates’ to my parents. Then out again to hear me
friend sing with their dad in a local coffeehouse. Then
off to Wayne where I left some works of art in the
streets. Being close to 10 PM I went to Minella’s and
waited for Adam. He brought along Dave who is going to be
in the film as him self. Dave is a poet and acts his age
and thinks much older. He spans many generations in his
conversations. When we go in the owner I there to greet
us. He seats us in non-smoking section in the back. On
the way to the table Adam turns to his head at me and
mouths out ASK HIM! So when the owner turns to leave I
approach him and say I am a filmmaker and that I am making
a movie about the local area… I go on with my off the cuff
sell. He stays and is interested so I go on. I say that
I could leave a script with him and he could go over it.
He agrees to the location. After he leaves the waiter
comes back and starts talking to us about the movie. He
leaves and 2 more servers come over to talk about the
movie! We have not even had our order taken yet! Word
gets around fast! This is going to help and Gail was right
the timing is good…

The meal was a scene all it’s self! Dave was in usual Dave
form! Reading the script at the table he spilled coffee
over the pages the ink bleeds and says. NOW IT’S A REAL
SCRIPT! Wait a second we need a coffee ring. He then
places the script on top of the table and places his
coffeecup on top the front page.
Their that’s better! More conversations finish the meal in
classic diner style.

The four of us then zip off to Tower records. We closed
the place and then parted our ways… I drove Dave home. He
is amazing I forget that he is only 16 years old he wiser
than a lot of people my age. I got home about 12:30 AM.
Checked my email and Billy Name invited the crew and I to
his opening in New York and to the after party he suggests
that it is there that we film him. I could hardly believe
the text on the screen! And went to bed so excited