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2001-09-28 02:50:22 (UTC)

Friday September 7:

Showed my scratch films and slide show at the Rotunda in
Philadelphia. Group Show with DJ’s.
The projection wall was great! It was there a 16 mm
projector just ‘appeared’… I kept me eyes on it!
I had been looking for one and asked the show organizer
Gina one of me friends whose projector it was.
Oh that must be Aharon’s. So I asked him and he said yes
that it was his. If you like he said he bought it for 30
bucks and would take 30 for it. He let me take it home to
test out and see if I liked the projector.
I took it home and the next day checked it out. E-mailed
him back saying I’d buy it. Cool now I have a
Sound 16 mm projector and can see the 16 mm films I have.

Billy Name replied my email and said that yes he wanted to
be in my film one way or another.
Boy I felt like a little kid… Really I did… Everything was
slowly coming together. I truly felt that someone or thing
wanted me to make this film.

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