champagne supernova
2003-02-22 01:22:47 (UTC)

to much for one title

alright ya'll... final night of one acts! lets get it done
and on with!. it's nice to do make-up again, i just forgot
about all the drama that comes with it. and i've reached
the point where i have just decided to ocmpletly ommit it
all. cause lets face it ...its useles..meaningles..and
damn pointless. there fore i choose it ignore it
all.yes...some of my friends and i arent exactly friends
and all but ..theres just nothing i can do about it anymore
it wears me out emotionally ..and i dont like it one why stress it ? i gotta look at the bigger
picture. which seems to be looking good right now,. and for
about the last 3 weeks or so ive been in this state of
shock . i dont giving a flying fig about high school
anymore...because it's a fraction of my life. a minor
fraction and i am looking forward to the next fraction of
it more then wakinbg up the next morning to go back to high
school again. sure its some of the best time ill ever have
in my life... but some people ... just some damn people i
dont want to deal with anymore,. its all bullshit and i
dont like the smell of it..and i wont take jims approach
as he said to us last night... " you get used to it after
14 god damn years" ..of xourse he was refering to the smell
of sunk.. but hey ..this works in my case. i wont get used
to it.. ill just throw it in the "i dont care about it
right now" recycle bin and move on with my life. as self
centered as it might sound .. im here to worry about my
life and what i do in it, i gotta make it for me .. i
have to wory about wghere im going in life...for myself and
for my boyfriend. he's going to be here sooner then i and
hiom relize. its less the a year and half away ,,and i am
not really worrying about the hihg school bullshit right
now .. becasue after a while you relize how god damn
petty and imature it is.and now when i here.. " he broke my
heart... oh i am having problems with this.. yada yada
yada./. he dosnt like me... " I DONT CARE! i just laugh
at it casue frankly.. im looking forward to getting
out of high school more then anything.!! i want college
and life to start already .. i have beenm waiting and
now . its my turn to kicked out there..and im just sitting
here waiting for it to ocme ... i want to look it in the
face and say .." give me all you've got mother fucker" ...
eccuse the language... but its how i feel... no..on second
thought dont excuse the language.. you dont like it .... TO
fancy *