REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-02-22 00:21:07 (UTC)

Last basketball game

Hey:( today was our last basketball game...this really
suxs! we missed like 2-4 games because of the stupid
snow!...now we dont get to play thompson or long branch
anymore. grrr this sooo suxs!! we won...atleast thats one
good thing. I didnt get to play much at all. That pissed
me off. We were winning by alot and since it was the last
game of the season i think all the prelim people shouldve
got to play. Well all that matters is that we won. We have
the pizza party on wednesday. I loved basketball it was so
fun! it was great, im gonna miss it like mad.

Anyway today in science Dr. Pfennig told me to come
outside into the hallway after i was done with the quiz. I
was nervous lolz, i thought i was in trouble lol haha.
Well she called me out...and it was really sad. It kinda
screwed my day. It brought a flood of memorys of someone i
loved so dearly...if you havent figured it out
already...im talking about Mr.J. Dr. pfennig finished the
book on J. It was sooo upsetting. Dr phenning said that
she wanted to leave me outside alone so i can look at the
book. I dont know why she thought i needed the privacy....
But it was still really nice of her to consider how i
felt. Well she only brought me out...for some reason. But
anyway that book that she made for Mrs. J was amazing. It
was great! It was really nicely decorated. Omg and the my
story took up 4 and a half pages! lol I was soo suprised
and when dr.p came out to get me shes liek did you see
yours i was like yeah im soo sorry i wrote to much and
shes like dont be....that only shows how much you care.
aww God i cant believe J's gone....i really cannot believe
it!...your always in my heart J...i love you!!!!

mad love everyone