2001-09-28 02:39:20 (UTC)


Sittin at the bank when writing this. Havent talked to r
today yet. Hopefully wont get in any fights today. T comes
today. Yummy lunch day today. All this talk about war, crop
dusting, anthrax, power plants, etc. is freakin me out. I
guess I just didnt think it would happen in my lifetime.
Why do these people at the bank take an eternity to count
my money. It pisses me off. Dominique can do it in 2 min
but with every one else I seem to be sittin here forever,
and they dont get any faster!

Kay, talked to R for awhile Got along good. No fighting so
far. He is looking into getting a different job since K is
screwing him out of weekends. Im waiting for t to bring
food cuz I am starving.


R will be getting home soon but i think he is gonna wake me
up to f**k. he should be here around 11:30 or 12:00. I
gotta go to work tomorrow so i cant stay up too late. I
miss him . But i dont feel like thereis enough time in the
world for me to do the things i want to do. Like READ. I
never get any of my books read. I hope we get along this
weekend. tomorrow(friday) i think we are going out with tb
and s to bar and saturday i think we are going to gay bar.
I am kinda tired tho so i will be sleeping in in the
mornings unless i am puking!wulp gotta go to beddy bye.
reading:Q magazine with Eminem on cover:P
wearing:baby blue gap athletic shirt, and jeans